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Panorama Window Awnings

Panorama Aluminum Window Covers

Panorama Window Awnings

The beauty of the Panorama window awning is found in its design. Overlapping horizontal slats block the sun’s rays without blocking the views. This awning is a contemporary addition to any home or building. Available in many current designer colors and painted with a Baked-On-Enamel finish.

Soft Light Instead of dark shadows associated with other awning styles, these awnings allow soft light to filter into your home.

Natural Venting Action Most awning styles have a natural venting action to prevent heat build-up against windows. The unique “pan and cover” construction helps keep rain, snow and debris from penetrating it.

Appearance While awning tops are available in a variety of colors and styles, the underside is always crisp and white. No fasteners are exposed, keeping the overall appearance neat and trim.

Durability Aurora and Panorama awning panels are thoroughly cleaned and conversion coated, painted with an epoxy primer and baked before a top coat of polyester enamel is applied. The result is an minimum maintenance surface that retains its good looks for years to come.

All  window awnings that we install in Portland & Vancouver are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and five year labor warranty..

Panoram Window Awning Gallery (click on image to enlarge)

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